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Here you will find information about the Archaeological Park-Open-Air Museum “Bridges of Time”, which is planned to be built in the municipality of Nikopol.

Open-air park-museum “Bridges of Time” experimentally reproduces separate aspects of the life of the coastal population, its contact and connections with the river and its influence on the development of culture in all aspects, in the practice and skills of people. The planned activities of the project are related to the reproduction of a hypothetical environment for activities related to the proximity of raw materials and means of living and the occupations of people living near the great river during the different eras. This is related to the construction and design of living quarters and production spaces, intended for demonstrating classes – making tools, weapons, dishes, boats, etc. A team of experts developed models, plans and drawings based on historical data, records and documents in order to achieve maximum authenticity of medieval architectural models, traditions and customs. Based on the collected data, an architectural plan for the “Bridges of Time” park-museum was developed.

The open-air archaeological park-museum “Bridges of Time” is of a type that does not exist in our country and includes: A building from the Old Stone Age; Copper Age building; Bronze Age building; Roman era building; Agora square and Service building on the first floor, where an exhibition hall will be located. In addition to living and practicing various materials processing and crafts, the spaces in and around the buildings will also be adapted to demonstrate the smoking of fish catches, to prepare fishing gear from wood, plant fibers, flint and bone, and to prepare river fish for sustenance.

We will work with stone, wood, wooden fence plastered with clay, adobe, skins, mats. Old construction methods and technologies will be used, without the use of modern materials. Archaeologically discovered materials and structure will be used for the preparation and production of materials.

The main priority in the presentation of the reconstructions in a park environment is their scientific credibility and the use of the facilities – homes, docks, workshops, vessels to carry out the activities and procedures in their entirety and to attract the modern man to enter into the spirit of history. Moreover, the demonstration stage can continue by providing conditions for visitors to actively use their vacation to acquire skills and feel included in a life remote in time, to replenish their knowledge and to arouse new interest. Thus, static inactive perception will become an action with cognitive and emotional goals. Fishing, boat building, river navigation, the creation and assimilation of domestic and technical achievements will change in moments as the centuries pass. At the same time, the environment in which the park is located will not lose its beauty, because the planned layouts are tailored to its characteristics. The facilities also use materials characteristic of different eras – stone, clay, wicker, straw, wood. In this sense, the park will have the character of an eco-park, but maintained and connected with activities, as long as the natural materials used will not conflict with the environment.

In the “Bridges of Time” open-air archaeological park-museum, conditions are provided for holding events and providing integrated tourist services, which are provided during and after the project, including but not limited to:

Events: Workshops with stakeholders, trainings and green camps, etc.;
Services: Congress tourism and interactive outdoor lessons for students;
Tourist programs.

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