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Under the project, 2 clubs for ancient and medieval reenactments of historical events were created: 1 in Nikopol and 1 in Turnu Magurele. Each club includes an average of 50 members. Unemployed/disadvantaged/socially isolated persons, including the elderly, etc. participate in the clubs (among other citizens of Nikopol and TM).

A one-day workshop on organizing castings for club participants was held. Castings were held in schools, sports clubs, community centers, dance ensembles with the leaders of the interested groups / school principals and teachers, company directors, sports club leaders, leading figures from the ethnic groups, leaders of community centers, self-made ensembles, social workers from municipalities, etc./

Club members underwent special training in: ancient history and ancient cuisine, medieval history, acting classes, stage combat and stage movement to master period weapons, stage movement culture. Medieval cooking lessons are also included in the history lessons. Culinary teachers with a special interest in medieval cuisine were invited. For these, products and spices were purchased, as close as possible to those that were used in the Middle Ages. The recipes were consulted with the key expert on Medieval History. The participants in the clubs got acquainted with the different types of medieval weapons /swords, bows, crossbows, spears/ as well as mastering a rich arsenal of fencing skills according to medieval tactics.

In addition to the trainings, the club members will be provided with the necessary costumes and equipment – Roman (full legionary armor, togas, tunics, cloaks + tents, weapons, Roman boats) and medieval (knights, crusaders, commanders (full armor), craftsmen , witches, peasants, princesses, etc. A knight’s military camp will be built – including tents, carts, barrels, a mobile prison, etc. Equipment and replicas of authentic clothing with accessories are made to visualize the “antique” and “medieval” historical periods for the period “Roman Antiquity 1st – 4th century” and equipment and replicas of authentic clothing with accessories for the period “Late Middle Ages 13th – 14th century”. There are already 100 costumes made – household, artisans, peasants, squires, witches, princesses and others.

A 4-day joint training camp of the two clubs (100 people) is about to take place. The camp will consist of a general rehearsal for the festival in Turnu Magurele and Nikopol, staged by a director, according to a script, together with the teachers of the different disciplines, in full armor and equipment for both periods (ancient and medieval). The scenography will be made entirely of ecological materials, hay, straw bales, wood, recycled and recyclable materials. Trained club members in authentic clothing and gear will provide interactive outdoor history lessons for children, demonstrate Roman military tactics and medieval cuisine. Training sessions and rehearsals will be filmed for future members’ instruction.

The clubs will participate in the “Bridges of Time” Festival, as well as requests from tour operators and other interested parties, as requests can be made through the portal and the application. The two clubs will participate in the provision of the tourist services developed under the project and in Interactive outdoor lessons for students with one-day programs:

  • The prehistoric age, working stone and clay
  • Stone Age Hunting and Fishing Skills
  • Thracian culture and religion
  • Roman Empire Military Skills and Tactics
  • Medieval cuisine and wine tasting



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