Turnu Fortress

On 12.05.2021, the construction works on Consolidation, Conservation and Restoration of the Turnu Fortress Archaeological Site – Stage 1 were completed

The ruins of the medieval fortress “Turnu” /Touris/ from Turnu Magurele (the fortification of Mircea cel Batran from the end of the 14th century) is located south of the city, in the valley of the Danube river – at a distance of 4 km from the city and 1 km from the mouth of the river Olt. The fortress played an important role in the country’s defense system, especially during the reign of Mircea cel Batran, who fought against the Ottoman conquerors. The fortress is part of a fortified chain, together with those in Giurgiu, Turtucaia and Braila, which runs along the river.