The village of Batsova mahala is located on the left bank of the Osam River, about 30 km northeast of the regional centre of Pleven. During the Roman Empire, a road from Melta / Lovech/ to Nikopol. On this road, the old village of Zevgelia appeared, which was preserved almost until the end of the Ottoman rule. One of the reasons for the disappearance of the village was the relocation of the people to the house of the shepherd Batzo from Mechen in order to protect themselves from the attacks of the people from Kurdzhali and Circassians who were moving on these roads. Another reason for Zevgelia's resettlement was a plague epidemic. It may have been the name of the neighbouring Meadow since then. The village took the name of the shepherd Batso and began to be called Batsova mahala.

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