The village of Muselievo is located 40 km from Pleven and 12 km from Nikopol. Data about the village are found in historical documents from the XV century. Archaeological excavations south of the village in the Morenitsa area have revealed the largest Late Paleolithic site in the Balkans: two prehistoric settlements, flint depots, an ancient fortress and an ancient settlement. At the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th century, the village of Muselievo was known as Muselim. Some researchers explain the origin of this name with the homestead farmer Musa Ali. The villagers themselves believe that the village is named after Muselim Pasha, who lived in the XVIII century. He had land in the area. He distributed part of it to the Bulgarians to cultivate it and to feed on it. The Turkish pasha from Lovech was dissatisfied with this, he sent an army that set fire to the village, and Muselim Pasha was hanged. The inhabitants of the village named the village Muselievo in his honour.

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